galatians 5:1 ♥

♥ Jesus Christ, my amazing boyfriend/best-friend/everything he is to me, elephants, scarves, chunky jewelry, singing, the heated seats in my boyfriend's car, my guitar, chipped finger nail polish, Apple products, my rinky dink phone (actually, that's a lie, I really hate my phone), holding my boyfriend's hand, peach cobbler, sweet tea and buttery/salty popcorn that is sure to clog your arteries, the beautiful city of Atlanta, The Civil Wars, my nieces, The Little Mermaid, and happily ever afters. ♥

♥ ♥

**There are 27 MILLION men, women, and children, WORLDWIDE, that are trapped in various forms of slavery and exploitation, and we are the generation that will break their chains of bondage and set them free. Together, we are a force for good.**

♥ I want to live a life that fearlessly proclaims the mystery of the Gospel. Hopefully this will sorta represent that. ♥

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Feb 16

All about my Godly guy :)

Where did you meet? At a Chrysalis closing :P

When did you meet? July 13, 2009

Was it love at first sight? It sure was puppy love for me!

Where was your first date? YEARS later at Olive Garden

How long until you met the parents? I met his parents a couple years ago, he met mine back in March.

When was it ‘official’? Hahaha… which time?

Whats your happiest memory of him? I have quite a few happy memories with him, they really don’t compare.

Whats the sweetest thing he has ever done for you? Recently, he took care of me when I passed out and then a couple days later, was incredibly sick.

Does he buy you lots of gifts? Nope - he knows I’m not a materialistic girl, he does pay when we go out and do stuff together though - he knows thats what I prefer, over items.

Whats your favorite thing to do together? Umm… I really don’t think there’s a favorite thing of mine that we do together.

Who said ‘I love you’ first? I actually think he did!

Whats his worst habit? He’s a slow texter, but then again, so am I haha.

What annoys you about him? ^^^ haha!

Has he ever hurt you badly? I think we’ve both had our share of damage, there’s no point in comparing, it’s in the past.

Would he ever cheat? I surely hope not.

Do you trust him? I do.

Best facial feature? I loveee his eyes and his little beard!

Favorite part of his body? His arms :)

Hair color? Dirty blonde/brown

What does he smell of? Psh that boy is always stinky ;) haha just kidding, he wears Hollister around me - he knows it’s my FAVORITE :)

Whats he wearing when you picture him in your head? A VCU hoodie, jeans, my bracelet and his tennis shoes that he wears every day :)

How does it feel when he touches you? Well, it depends. If we’re beating each other up over punch buggies, PT cruisers and mini coopers, it hurts :P if he’s hugging me or something, it feels nice! Haha!

Does he kiss your forehead? He’s recently started to and I think he can tell it’s one of the things I love most :)

Could you be without him? Heck no.

Do you think about him constantly when you’re apart? That is an understatement!

How long have you been together? Haha… adding all the times up, about 12-15 months… hahahaha

Can you see a future together? I sure can :)

Would you like to get married? To him? Heck yes.

Have children? Not yet but yes!

Where can you see your relationship in a year? Still strong!

5 years time? Hopefully married with our own place.

Do you know there is definitely no-one better out there for you? Even with our petty crap, there’s no way any one else could love me the way that boy does.

Is he your best friend as well as your lover? He really is :)

Does he come first over everyone else in your life? God comes first, then yes, he is in the same category as my family.

Do you have nick names for each other? I call him lots of things and he just responds to whatever I call him :) I don’t think he really has any for me though, its kinda the same for him.

Does he make you laugh? All the freaking time.

Do you wrestle? Yes and I always kick butt ;)

Is he ticklish? Hahahaha if he’s in a silly mood, yeah :)

Food? He likes salad, pizza, anything with balsamic vinaigrette really haha, oreos, ramen, chocolate, and of courseee bananas and nuts! (Not really haha he’s allergic)

Drink? All I really see him drink are Dr. Pepper and coffee.

Sport? He likes playing racquetball, plays and watches tennis and likes watching basketball.

Clothing style? Totally laid back, jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirt.

Band? Doesn’t really have a favorite band, he likes christian rock, country, ambient, techno.

DVD? Citizen Kane, A Clockwork Orange - he’s a filmmaker so he loves movies - there are too many favorites for him.

Place to hang out? He loves being at church!

Meal to cook together? Haha he’s the chef in this relationship :)

Last time you saw him? Valentine’s Dayyy :)

Last time you kissed him? ^^^

Last time you spoke to him? Like, verbally? ^^^

The last text he sent you? “I was kinda in and out so it wasn’t good” - he took a nap and I asked him how he slept, he apparently didn’t sleep well :(

When will you see him again? Tomorrow at small group! :)

When will you speak to him again? ^^^

When will you tell him you love him again? Sometime tomorrow :) I tell him at least 2-3 times a day that I love him, I’ll never let him forget it!

Have you ever spent a holiday together? YES! Quite a few :)

Have you ever met his family? Yesss :)

Have you ever made him cry? From laughter, OH yeah. I hope I haven’t made him that sad. :(